travelIn the old days a family could just pack up the station wagon for a weekend vacation with the only problem being what to pack for lunch on the road. In the modern vacation area, finding the right hotel or resort is like the “wild wild west.” It can be hard to discern what will be the top option for the best possible family experience. Here are some tips in booking your family vacation.

Go with your Gut:

If you’ve booked with a hotel chain or resort in the area before, it’s better to go with what you’ve experienced. Sometimes “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” is the first step in planning a vacation.

Travel Websites:

There’s a lot of travel websites out there. Whether its,,,, or, trial and error is the best way to discern which website to use. Certain websites will have better experiences with different hotels and regions so be wary of their “can’t beat deals”. is a great resources to begin with your internet booking search. They are a conglomerate comparing all travel sites to find the best possible deal. Again be wary of boosted hotel chains and bookings shaped as advertisements for the travel websites. Be savvy and shop around, trusting only one site will only lose you money.

Try Local:

If international travel websites seem intimidating than visit a local travel agent in the area your visiting. Many destination areas have rental management companies like Seaside Vacations that work with local hotels, resorts, and rentals to help book for long-term and short-term vacations. You might have to pay a little extra for the service but going to a local agency will help you find the best possible location for your family vacation. Having local presence will also provide resources for other priceless vacation information like advice on dining, events, and destinations.


Although most big travel companies have booking apps, search for under the radar apps that could provide valuable information that other apps don’t have. Apps like Tripomatic, Viator, and Hipmunk are alternative travel apps that can help save money in booking, flights, food, and events. Take some time to explore your app store to find these hidden gems in the travel app world.

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