You wouldn’t want to be stuck in the rain or lost in the forest during your Maine Coast vacation. With the beauty of smartphones, you can find an app for almost anything. Especially travel! Here are the best apps to have on your phone if you’re vacationing on the Maine Coast.

Maine State Parks & Lands Guide App

One of the best things to do in Maine is to explore the beautiful state parks and hike along the coast. This app is a part of the collection of Pocket Ranger apps designed to help outdoorsy people find their way through state and national parks. The Maine state parks app has is free for both iPhone and Android and offers enhanced GPS features and a built-in compass. You can view trail data, elapsed time and distance traveled for hiking and biking trails. You can also snap photos of plant life and scenic views to post on the app and keep track of family and friends if you get separated.

Trip Advisor

This app is free for iPhone, Android and Windows phones. Trip Advisor allows you to search for last minute hotel and flight deals. You can also look at reviews for the Maine Coast hotel you’re looking into booking to make sure it has all the amenities and proximity you want. Trip Advisor also allows you to post and view reviews for local restaurants and things to do and lists the top things to do in the area.

Maine LobsterTrail

Maine has the best lobster compared to any other U.S. travel destination. You’ll want to hit the best spots near where you’re staying. The Maine LobsterTrail app shows you the best lobster restaurants, lobster villages and boat tours near you. The app is partnered with the LobsterTrail website that shows destinations on each of America’s Lobster Trails. The app is only available for iPhone.


This might seem like a no-brainer, but Maine is a seriously scenic vacation destination. You won’t leave without a few snaps of lighthouses, forests, and ocean views. Start an Instagram account on your iPhone or Android to highlight all the places you visit. Use hashtags and location tags to share with others who have explored those places too. You can also use filters to make your photos look like a photographer took them.

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