Apps are used by people every day. They offer convenience, entertainment, and mobility, and no one needs mobility more than contractors. As everyone knows, there is an app for everything that you could possible need, and that is no different for contractors. There are apps that help contractors with every part of their job from estimates and quotes to surveying and more. Here are just some of the top apps that all construction contractors should use.

fieldwireFieldwire: Fieldwire is a task management app that was created by construction professionals. It allows management and field workers to not only communicate, but also delegate tasks. The blueprint feature allows all of your employees to stay up to date on the most recent blueprint.

Buildertrend: Buildertrend is the best app for communication. Working with a unnamedlarge team and keeping everyone up to date, from the office to the field, is hard. Buildertrend makes it easier with document sharing and task assignment.

unnamed-1Photo Measures: The Photo Measures app makes estimates, measurements and calculations easier. This app allows you to take and store pictures as well as write measurements right on the picture. This helps with convenience and organization as you can share these photos with your team.  

PlanGrid: PlanGrid helps you collaborate on all your projects. With the ability to unnamed-2upload PDF files, every member of the project can be up to date on all the project plans, specs, and photos.

unnamed-3Co-construct: Co-Construct is a project management app that allows you to reduce paperwork at every stage of the project. It helps you with estimates and with handling bids from subcontractors.

The convenience these apps can save time and money. They are easy to use and a great asset to any contractor whether they have been in the business forever or are just starting. There is one thing these apps can’t help you do and that is acquire new equipment. For that, there is Daily Equipment Company. Daily offers a wide variety of lift trucks and construction equipment for sale and for rent. They also offer amazing repair services that are sure to wow you.

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