While modern day technology has created hundreds of ways to connect, share, and learn, it’s also being linked to higher levels of stress. Your vacation should be a time of rest and rejuvenation. One of the best ways to assure this is to go technology free. Before you say “No way!”, read up on these simple tips for going tech-free during your vacation.

Pick remote locations
Choosing a remote location like a cabin in the woods is a great way to reconnect with nature instead of your wireless service. A great example of this is Redfish Lake Lodge in remote Stanley, Idaho. Spend your nights huddled around a campfire telling stories instead of a TV screen. When you have fresh air and a great view, you’ll be too distracted to check social media.

Pack family games instead of video games
Rather than playing on your phone all day, break out the old fashioned board games. This will help your family bond and share instead of sitting silently. Kids can even create their own DIY travel games to play during longer car rides.

Prepare before you go
To avoid any awkward situations, make sure you let everyone that would need to know (friends, bosses, neighbors) that you’ll be making this vacation technology free. Let them know when you’ll be returning, and leave it at that. You can even set up an automatic out of office message for your email account.

Practice makes perfect
Quitting cold turkey will likely backfire on you. If you make a few small changes at home, you’ll be able to ease your way into a tech-free vacation. Do you normally take your phone with you for quick errands? Try leaving it at home. Treat yourself to a phone free stroll in the evenings as well. Make it a family event if you want!

If you must bring it, hide it
It’s perfectly acceptable to want a phone nearby in case of emergency. To ensure that it stays that way place the phone somewhere out of sight like a drawer or emergency bag. If it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind.

Now if you must have some technology around, at least try to follow the Inside/Outside rule. Daytime is for being outside and exploring, so leave the screens at home. However, we do encourage you to give these tips a try. The feeling of being tech- free and entirely present is rival to no other.

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