Real estate wouldn’t be how it is today without the help of technology. The shift towards technology through our world has forced some real estate agents to become tech savvy to stay on top of their game. Some real estate agents like the shift towards technology, and others who are traditional do not like the change of moving towards technology. Real estate has changed through the help of iPhone apps, the internet, and social media.

Main Things That Have Changed

One of the main ways that technology has changed the real estate industry is that people are now looking for new houses online instead of looking at houses in person traditionally.

Another way that technology has changed the real estate industry is that some real estate agents talk to their clients over webcam to discuss issues instead of meeting in person to discuss the situation. This is a change from meeting in person for every discussion to only meeting together when needed.

Another thing that technology has done to change the real estate industry is that there are more technical tools that real estate agents and brokers can use when inspecting a home. For example, there are digital tape measures that can measure anything accurately.

How Technology Has Hurt Real Estate

Technology makes it so real estate agents and their clients spend less time interacting with one another. This is the downside to the real estate industry since interpersonal relationships matter the most in that industry.

Being involved in technology can seem like an additional job to some people. Technology adds more to a realtor’s plate. Having various profiles on different social media platforms and apps can be a lot to keep up with on top of everything else.

How Technology Has Helped Real Estate

Technology isn’t the bad guy to the real estate industry. It has helped many real estate agents and brokers succeed in their jobs.

There are various iPhone apps that have helped real estate agents complete their job easier. For example, map apps such as Google Maps has helped real estate agents get to and from the houses they show to clients. JotNot Pro turns your iPhone into a scanner, which is important if a real estate agent needs to scan something to add to their files. For a list of more apps that real estate agents and brokers love, they are available towards the bottom of this page.

Since people turn to the web for a lot of things, the traffic of some realtor’s web sites have increased. This is always good for realtor companies and individual real estate agents because it is a way to increase business.


This guest post is contributed by Valley Brokers, a Willamette Valley Real Estate company.

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