Bed and breakfasts are known for being just a little outdated. Sometimes that is exactly what people are looking for on vacations. If that is the case, B&Bs can be a great way to get away from all of the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. For some people, however, it is hard to unplug and technology is a way for them to relax as well as work. So here are just a few ways B&Bs are a lot more modern than you think.

  • Booking online: You might think this is a feature reserved for big name hotels and resorts, but that isn’t true. Many B&Bs work through travel agents and have the ability to book online.
  • WiFi: The best part of WiFi at most B&Bs is that it is free. Unlike hotels who like to nickel and dime you for every little luxury, B&Bs allow you to fully enjoy yourself without any surprise charges.
  • Apps: There are B&Bs that are mobilized with apps for booking. Also, there are many third party apps for B&Bs that help you find the perfect bed and breakfast, wherever you are.
  • TV: Yet another feature that many believe to be reserved for hotels. It is true that many B&B’s and cottages do not have TVs but there are also many that do. If you would like to relax and watch TV on your vacation than be sure to look for this feature.

If technology is something you choose not to travel without, that is okay. Now you do not have to sacrifice the beauty of a B&B for the convenience of technology. If you are looking to vacation in New Mexico then we have just the place for you. Bottger Mansion of Old Town is a bed and breakfast in Albuquerque that has these amenities along with a delicious, warm breakfast in the morning.

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