Charleston’s tech scene has been growing rapidly in recent years. The thriving city has recently outpaced other American cities as the city with the fastest tech growth in the nation. It’s a prime location for startup companies to gain their roots, as opposed to intimidating and expensive locations like Silicon Valley or New York City. Home to more than 200 tech companies, here are some companies to watch out for if you’re in the technology sector and looking to move to Charleston.

Blue Acorn

This web design and optimization company is all about e-commerce and the science behind it. The data driven company just started a short seven years ago and has seen massive growth in the less than 10 years they’ve been in business. Their e-commerce strategy is all about engaging consumers, especially those on mobile devices. Some of their more well-known clients include Rebecca Minkoff, Veggie Tales, Everlast, Ticketmaster and Yeti.

Code Lynx

This small tech company started in 2003 and has seen rapid growth. Code Lynx specializes in software engineering for business software applications and system integrations for AV video surveillance systems. They’re also a Women-Owned Small Business and has been recognized as one of America’s fastest growing private companies. Some notable clients include Alcoa and the United States Department of Defense.


PhishLabs is in a different business than most tech companies. They help businesses avoid cyber attacks through their websites. PhishLabs offers 24/7 assistance for clients to detect phishing attacks on customers and employees and get rid of the threat to avoid business problems. Their method involves client employee defense training to utilize business employees to recognize security threats, analysis and mitigation to ensure targeted attacks are recognized before they happen, and threat intelligence with automated feeds of threat information from targeted attacks. Their clients include 4 of the 5 biggest financial institutions in America.

Charleston’s bustling tech scene has been growing more than ever. It’s a great place to settle down with family, or even for a first job, if you’re in this growing industry. Southern hospitality and a booming economy make Charleston one of the best places to move in America. If you’re thinking of relocating to the Charleston area, Drew Sineath & Associates, Inc. will help you with your Charleston real estate needs.

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