obx travel appIf you are planning a visit to Outer Banks, North Carolina, you are in for a great time. You can really enjoy nature in this area, which boasts great weather throughout the year. However, you can maximize the quality of your vacation with the following five travel apps.

1. OBXEventsApp

This is a great app that can help you figure out exactly how you were going to be spending your time while you are in Outer Banks. There are many exciting events that take place throughout the year, including fishing tournaments, national surfing contest, historic celebrations, parades, live performances, and art shows. You can use this app to figure out what is going to be going on while you are there.


2. Outer Banks

This app is comprehensive and can really help you in many different areas when you are visiting Outer Banks, North Carolina. It will tell you all about popular restaurants, fun activities, good and reasonably priced accommodations, and great places to shop. In addition, it will give you access to coupons that will allow you to save a lot of money during your trip. This app is completely free, and it will feature information about current weather forecasts in the area, local relevant businesses, maps, coupons, and navigation. Here, you can figure out what you can see and do while you are in the area, where you can grab a bite to eat, and where you can stay. It has all the functionality of yellow pages and white pages.


3. Postino

For the family who likes to do artistic things, this app will enable you to make customized automatic postcards from your trip photos. Not only that, but the app will actually make it possible for you to send it to recipients. This is a great app that will make it possible for you to commemorate your vacation to this beautiful area.


4. Outer Banks Island Taxi & Limo

When you are in this area, you may or may not have a car. If you don’t have a car, this is a great app that can help you get around and experience everything that there is to experience in the Outer Banks. All you need to do is download the app and with one type of your finger, call a cab. You do not need to look up numbers, because they will be right there for you.


5. Shoreline OBX App

Search for a vacation rental in the Outer Banks using Shoreline OBX’s mobile app available in Apple and Android devices. It has beachfront rentals from Corolla to South Nags Head, and you can browse through the photos and descriptions about the properties. The app also acts as a travel guide as it gives recommendations for dining, things to do, and many more.


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