Event sponsors are the fuel to any corporate event. But as millions of corporate events fight for the limited marketing budgets of companies, event organizers need to find effective ways to attract supporters. Sure, it’s easy to add the sponsor’s company logo to the brochure and tarpaulins, but visibility is not enough to convince them. Engagement and interaction with attendees should also be part of the sponsorship package.

trade showMobile event apps are the most effective platforms to bring sponsors and attendees closer together before, during, and even after the event. Have an in-app alert feature so the sponsors can send time-sensitive information and generate live feedback from their target attendees. Drive traffic to the sponsors’ booth by sending push notifications to invite attendees to register or order. With just a few swipes, you can also lead your attendees to your booth through a map when they click on the sponsor’s logo.

Event apps also give attendees the ability to favorite sessions and exhibitors. When attendees add sessions to their favorites, you can share this info to your sponsors so they can use it to send promotional materials related to the interests of the attendees.

Another sponsorship incentive you can offer is live polling, where the event app polls the audience during a session and their answers are projected on a large screen.  It allows a great opportunity to build interaction between the attendees and the speaker. On the big screen, show off the sponsor’s brand together with the poll; it’s an effective way to retain your brand on their minds during the event.

Data collection is also made practically easy with mobile apps, and this is a very attractive option that you can offer to sponsors. Have games and surveys to gather opinions from the attendees. Provide points, prizes, and other forms of recognition so the attendees will be more willing to enter their information. Label the survey as a “Sponsored Survey” so the attendees won’t be confused about the contest.

So if you’re looking to have a mobile-optimized event and attract more sponsors and increase audience engagement, learn more about event apps by Results at Hand Software. With just a few clicks, event organizers and attendees will have access to event resources in minutes.

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