Including yourself, how many people can you think of who spend the majority of a work day on a computer or at a desk? Chances are, quite a few will come to mind. That’s not to say desk work itself is a bad thing, however; many people have done it for years and it’s bound to continue to grow as more services are digitized.

However, both staring at a computer screen and sitting in a fixed position for too long can cause a number of issues health-wise. Eye strain is one issue, back problems another, and fatigue to name a third. Although having better office furniture such as a standing desk or supportive chair can help, you’re probably still very stationary. A popular choice, although expensive, is an adjustable standing desk, that is, one that can be a standing desk when you want it to be and a regular desk when you don’t.

One way to help offset the sitting issue is to simply take numerous small breaks and stand up during the day – even if it’s just to go use the restroom or refill a water bottle. Some people also choose to pack a lunch so they can walk around on their lunch break. If you’re feeling especially fatigued or want to get away from the computer screen, go outside for a quick walk and breath of fresh air, even if you just take a stroll around the parking lot.

If you need a reminder to get up and walk around or are looking for simple, quick exercises to do to help keep you energized during the work day, there are some smartphone apps available. The Office Stretch App, otherwise known as iStretch, is the iPhone version while Office Exercise & Stretch is available for Android phones. These apps offer reminders and tutorials for simple yet effective office exercises such as yoga and stretches.

Seeing as a phone is another digital device, if you don’t want to look at a screen at all and aren’t able to leave your workspace, simply remember to take your eyes off your computer every so often to look at something else, whether it be a wall, a notepad, a book, etc. In fact, it might be worth it to bring in or purchase a book (real book, not eBook) related to your job so you have a good reason to take 10-20 minutes each day to read and give your eyes a break from the computer.

This post provided by Corporate Office Interiors, a furniture provider Michigan.

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