Graduate school is a great accomplishment. It’s also a lot of hard work to get that degree in the end. Sometimes, graduate students are often juggling school, work, research, and even raising a family. Once you download these apps, your graduate school work will feel less stressful and more organized.

DropboxThis free app allows you to save your documents, projects, photos, and more all in one place. Your files will always back up and you can access all of your files on any device. The app is available for iOS, Windows, and Android.

iStudiezPro: You can track events, homework, and grades all on this app that syncs with Google calendar. The app will also send notifications for upcoming deadlines. It’s available for $9.99 for Mac, Windows, and iOS; and $2.99 for Android.

PocketIf you find an article to read or video to watch and don’t have time, the pocket app will save it all in one place for later. This app is perfect for articles that you want to use for citations. The free app is available for Android, iOS, Kobo e-readers, and on your web browser.

BrainscapeYou can find and create flashcards through this app. It’s all about improving your recall through repetition. You can even track your progress and bookmark flashcards. The free app is available for iOS, Android, and through your web browser.

Papers: Find, read, organize, and cite information for research all in one place. The app lets you search for sources through several search engines and imports right to the app. The app is free for iOS and free for 30 days for Mac.

MyScript Memo: Take notes on the go through this app. It converts your notes to digital text and lets you export to Evernote or other apps. The free app is available on iOS.

Evernote: Take a photo, take notes, or jot down a to-do list anywhere. You can organize papers and notes by topic and search for specific words. Collaboration through Evernote with other classmates has never been easier. The free app is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

These apps will help you get ahead and focus on school work. No more shuffling through piles of papers or printing off hundreds of articles. Staying organized is key to a successful graduate school experience.

About the Author: Ali is a guest contributor from Michigan State University College of Business Weekend MBA Program, helping professionals improve their business skills with an integrative management curriculum.

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