If you keep in touch with technology news (or any news at all, really) you’ve probably heard A LOT about the Heartbleed virus lately. But for small business owners, the effects of Heartbleed may be more significant than for an individual. If you’re a business owner worried about data security (and you should be), follow these steps to take control.

1. Change Passwords for Patched Sites

The same tips for individual data protection also apply to your business. Check to make sure that the affected sites that you use have patched the bug here, and if they have, change passwords to a unique, strong password. Be sure to change passwords every few months to continue securing your data.

2. Talk to Your Technology Providers.

Many think small businesses will not be targeted by hackers, but hackers know that people often use the same username and password for all accounts. Check with your technology providers to ensure that your servers are safe and patches are being applied as necessary. You might have to hire outside IT support if you have no one on staff, but the investment is worth it.

3. Communicate with Customers

Maintain open communication, and let customers know when it’s safe to use your site. Once your site is secure, encourage customers to change their passwords on your site. Many people are confused and scared by this breach, so the more transparent you can be, the better.

4. Stay Vigilant.

Take this as an opportunity to learn more about data security and to take steps to protect your business’s information from hackers. Little things like using LastPass to create unique, hard to crack passwords, or any other data security tips┬ácan help you to protect your business and your customers.

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