Kayaking has become a popular water sport for people of all skill levels in the United States. Taking a trip out West, like in Oregon, is one of the best regions for a kayaking adventure. If you’re taking a kayaking trip soon, there’s an app for that! Here are some of the best smartphone apps available for kayakers.

Simple Tides

This iOS app offers detailed weather and tide information from monitoring stations across the U.S. for your favorite kayaking spots. You can search tide information up to weeks in advance if you’re planning a trip for a certain date, and adjust accordingly depending on the tides. You can also search for tide information near you and figure out the best place for a trip that day.

Paddle Ready

This free iOS and Android app was designed by the American Canoe Association to maximize paddler fun and safety by offering how-to videos and real-time information. The app offers weather and tide information for rivers and oceans across the country. You can search for ACA instructors or boating organizations near you. The app also makes paddling with a group easy with the shareable float plan feature and gear checklist.

Rapid Magazine

This app is more for pre-trip excitement. The free iOS and Android app offers the best paddling stories and photos from all over the country. The app gives advice on the best rivers to explore during each time of year. There are also gear reviews and kayak tests to read up on before your trip.

Geo Tracker

This free iOS and Android app is one of the best GPS tracker apps out there and even works via kayak. The app helps prevent you from getting lost by offering reverse journey information and tells your friends how to repeat your route. It also marks points of interest along the way and elevation charts based on where you are. If you want to know different routes near popular Seaside, Oregon vacation rentals, for example, the app will show historical data and length of each trip. The app even works offline and tracks distance, average speed, time, and average slope.

Kayak Log

Turn on Kayak Log during your trip and the app will track trip length, temperature, wind speed, average speed, and trip photos. The iOS and Android app is ideal for those renewing their instructor certification that need to record their trips. The app also offers safety features such as accurate weather data, a shareable GPS emergency ID, and it lets you know whether your trip day is safe enough for paddling

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