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Advanced Design Connection iPhone app design, brings together over 35 years of experience in technology; both in business and education. Our experience combines to design and maintain a quality, personalized, reasonably priced applications for you!


Advanced Design Connection specializes in marketing and sales–we don’t actually do much besides sell things.   We have, on occasion, been known to recover data from camera cards but that instance is pretty rare.  Mostly, we sit around, listen to the radio, eat, drink, be merry, and figure out how to sell stuff.  Our CEO’s background includes computer administration, entrepreneurship, and RAID server data recovery.  He has experience in planning, installing, maintaining, and repairing a wide variety of computer systems and peripherals.  He also has a background in iPhone application systems.


Advanced Design Connection also has an extensive history in educational technology.  We have experience in designing a wide variety of materials for the classroom; both student materials and support materials for educators; particularly in the sphere of Outlook data recovery and email data recovery.  Our experience also includes incorporating technology into the classroom, designing PowerPoint presentations, iPhone app design instruction, and of course iPhone app design and maintenance.

Our mission statement

We are committed to using all of our skills and experience to design and maintain a quality, personalized, and reasonably priced iPhone app that meets your individual needs.


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