Traveling has become more and more technologically dependent. You can’t exactly leave your home without your smartphone anymore. Especially if you’re on a school or work trip, having your laptop or tablet is a must. Some gadgets make traveling even easier and less stressful. Here are 10 gadgets to have in your bag for any trip.

Portable charger

Not all planes or trains have outlets. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in an unfamiliar city with a dead phone either. A portable charger or “power bank” allows you to plug in your phone and still use it and then tuck it away while you’re out and about: No outlet needed. Make sure to purchase one that has a large battery capacity.

Noise canceling headphones

Your days of listening to noisy travelers or screaming babies are over. These headphones also allow you to enjoy your music or movies without background noise. You can get headphones or even earbuds if you prefer a more portable headphone.

A universal plug adapter

Don’t be that person that fries their phone or hair dryer on an overseas trip. If you didn’t know, all countries have different outlet sizes. To avoid buying several adapters, purchase a universal adapter that you can shift to fit the outlet in the country you’re in. Be sure to buy a model with a built-in surge protector. Voltage requirements are also different between countries.

Filtered water bottle

You never know when you may run into questionable drinking water. Skip the expensive bottled water and filter it yourself. Some models are geared toward overseas travel and can turn any clear natural water or tap water into filtered water. Cheaper models have a changeable filter that sits right in the bottle.

Heated travel blanket

It can get cold on airplanes and trains. Take along a heated travel blanket so you don’t have to try sleeping in the cold during overnight travel. These blankets are also ideal for camping and as a seat warmer for car travel.


If you’re all about documenting your trip in a unique way, a GoPro is a must. Strap it to your hat, backpack, or even the front of a kayak to document your adventures. You can upload the videos and edit them to show your friends how much of an awesome traveler you are. They’re also waterproof.

Luggage Monitor

Everyone gets anxiety about where their luggage is when taking a train or plane. Pack the portable tracker safely in your bag and you can track it via a smartphone app during your travels. If your luggage isn’t where it’s supposed to be, you’ll know the exact location and be able to contact an airline rep to get it delivered to your accommodations. You can even get text alerts during your travels.

Technology isn’t for everyone, but it makes things like traveling a lot easier. Make traveling even more stress-free by booking an America By Rail train vacation with pre-set itineraries and guides to help you with each city you stop in. Visit their website for more details.

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