Long road trips are always made more exciting and less tiresome when you have entertaining company and awesome apps on your smartphone. Gone is the caveman era of paper maps. Whenever you need directions, points of interest and emergency assistance – there’s an app for that. And yes, they’re all free.


Gas prices have been thankfully becoming more attractive for road trips. When your trip is on a budget, it wouldn’t hurt to have a GasBuddy app that will find you the cheapest gas on the go. Let’s say you’re almost out of gas; GasBuddy will point you to the nearby gas stations and show you their current gas prices. You’ll always have a choice of where to fill up. If you own an electric car, download CarStations to look for recharging stations.


Better than a GPS device, the Waze app gets you the best routes in real time with the help from other drivers. No one wants to get stuck in traffic and if you download Waze, you’ll receive live maps and traffic updates to help you get to your destination the fastest way you can. Just type in your destination address and drive with the app open. Your phone then passively contributes road data to the app to be shared to other users.

Greatest Drive

Road trips provide the best sightseeing opportunities, and through the Greatest Drive app you’ll be directed to the most beautiful, scenic and fun routes. It’s not all about the fastest or the shortest way with this app, but the route that will give you the best view before you arrive to your destination. All the roads have been added by other drivers like you.


How many times have we heard about the danger of texting while driving? Now you can concentrate on the road with the Glympse app. It’s a fast and hands-free way of relaying your real-time location to family and friends. All you need to do is set a duration, pick a destination, choose the recipients and hit send.

Nationwide / Roadside Assistance Lite

These apps help you record information, take photos of damages and call for assistance. Nationwide customers can start filing their claim by using the app. Roadside Assistance gives you an accident checklist and instructions for taking photos of the crash scene.

Road trips are a fun and exciting way to travel. Avoid any mishaps on the road with these apps and you’ll be to your vacation destination in no time. If you’re looking for a place to stay for your Oregon coast road trip, Starfish Vacation Rentals offers premium Oregon coast vacation rentals in Portland, Cannon Beach, Rockaway, Arch Cape and Manzanita.

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