techsavvyTechnology is always adapting and evolving. For a generation living in the information age, it takes energy and work to stay up to date with the latest and greatest. Business professionals need to be in touch with technology, media, and world news. Without a perception of technology and how our society is responding to it, a business can suffer. Whether you work for an auto shop or fortune 500 company, understanding technology and its innovations is crucial. Here are 4 ways that business professionals can be masters of technology.

 1. Information:

Reading and understanding is the best way to obtain knowledge. The Wall Street Journal and New York Times are fantastic and informative publications, but they aren’t technology specific. Read Wired magazine to get an overall informed and wide range of how technology and culture are interacting. Don’t forget to follow technology leaders on Twitter for the latest news and opinions.

2. Seminars:

Convince your boss (or if you are the boss) to have an IT member of your company or outside resource to host a seminar about the latest technology needs and challenges of your industry. This could be information on a new product or software program that could change the way your company does business. It could also be an opportunity to train employees on specific technology areas where you see the company lacking.

3. Executive Education:

For a more intensified approach to learning new technology have executives or key members of the company sign up of an executive education event. Michigan State Executive Development Programs offer a variety of programs with a technology focus to meet the needs of your specific company. Taking the time to get thorough education will make those who attend more tech savvy and help your company in the long term.

4. Hire Tech Smart:

Hiring young doesn’t always mean that they will be technology masters. Hiring tech smart is much more valuable for your company. Look at their experience on their resume and see if they’ve used technology to solve programs or have worked with high evolving forms of technology. Having a variety of tech smart employees will help push your company to the forefront of technological innovation.



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